Linda Blackman, LCSW-C

Phone: (240) 447-0384

Locations: Bethesda, MD

Linda Blackman, LCSW-C received her initial training as a Social Worker at Columbia University and holds advanced training in Marital and Family Therapy from the Washington School of Psychiatry. She has over 30 years experience working with couples and families including families where children are diagnosed with eating disorders. She specializes in working with couples who have experienced an affair, are having trouble communicating, and who are arguing all the time. 

Meet Linda Blackman, LCSW-C:
Sometimes we wake up and think “who is this person I fell in love with” or “can we ever stop fighting?” The demands of life’s journey and how we navigate our path together stress and challenge everyone’s relationship. We can quickly lose sight of the positives and find ourselves in despair about the future of our most intimate relationship. Couples counseling can help! I get in there with you and your relationship and help you break negative patterns. We work together on restoring the positive bonds of attachment and connection. My style is authentic and warm – I try to make you feel comfortable and engaged from our very first contact. We work toward positive goals but I have a lifetime of experience facilitating the difficult conversations and work that is sometimes required. I do that as gently and safely as possible. It’s an honor to be invited into the most intimate conversations you and your partner can have and I take great care to help you rekindle the intimacy, trust, and empathy for a lifetime of happiness together.